2015 Internet Trends Report: emerging markets and the potential for carrier billing

Fortumo 2015 Internet Trends Report emerging markets and the potential for carrier billing

The Internet Trends Report is an annual overview of the state of the Internet, published by the venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. If you have not yet read the 2015 report, click here to access it. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of the global digital ecosystem.

If you do not have the time to read through the full report, here is a recap of the most important points of the presentation:

  • (slide 4) Only 29% of internet users are located in mature economies (Europe & USA), a majority of people accessing online content are already located in emerging markets
  • (slide 5) Despite the emergence of smartphones, 60% of phones are still feature phones; a mobile version of your services is not sufficient as a significant amount of users need a WAP site to access content
  • (slide 10) Fastest global growth in new Internet connections comes from India (+33%) and China (+7%)
  • (slide 10) Fastest global growth in smartphone ownership comes from India (+55%), Brazil (+28%) and China (+21%)
  • (slide 14) In 2015, 51% of all time connected to digital media was done through mobile devices
  • (slide 21) Merchants are beginning to optimize payments for mobile devices, but this is not enough; card-based payments in a mobile environment still create friction and most users in emerging markets do not have access to these payments; you can read more about billing challenges for mobile commerce from our white paper
  • (slide 50 & 51) Messaging apps are the center of the mobile ecosystem in Asia
  • (slide 55) Major growth coming from non-smartphone users in emerging markets and will connect to the internet through messaging apps; carriers are already seizing this opportunity to drive more data revenue from zero-rated app partnership
  • (slide 74 & 122) Physical services are coming to phones, but again a majority of new users have no way to pay for them
  • (slide 121) Majority of e-commerce spend comes from Alibaba / Taobao and markets where this company is most active in (emerging regions of Asia)
  • (slide 161) Xiaomi right now is the #1 smartphone brand to try to partner with if you're an app developer
  • (slide 165) India has the potential to grow into the third internet superpower; we see the main challenge in whether companies will be able to build up their presence with a lacking payments infrastructure

Fortumo’s focus is helping merchants capture revenue from users without credit cards globally and we’re happy to see the markets where carrier billing has the biggest impact drive the growth of the mobile ecosystem.

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