4 AUG 2020

Infographic: 5 things you didn’t know about your user base

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Selling and buying of digital goods is easier than ever. It does not matter whether its music, plugins, e-books, or any other form of digital content. Both sellers and buyers have access to a vast number of options through various marketplaces. Yet we tend to forget about the nature of how people interact with our content. We forget that in the era of instant gratification, people tend to be less loyal to brands and rely on other trust factors such as e-service quality, website performance, and online user experience. Here are 5 things to consider when improving your payment user experiences:

1. Fewer people than you think own a credit card.

Credit cards work fine if your user base is only in the US. In other regions of the world, most people do not have a credit card. 

Global smartphone ownership and regional credit card ownership:
Smartphones: 67%
Card owners, USA: 66%
Card owners, Europe: 45%
Card owners, APAC: 22%
Card owners, LatAm: 19%
Card owners, MENA: 7%

2. Less people than you think pay online with a credit card

Because most people don’t have a credit card to pay online, digital service providers give users alternative payment options. Here’s what the mix looks like with digital gaming.

Global payment methods for digital gaming transactions:
Credit cards: 25%
Direct debit: 5%
Prepaid cards: 14%
Digital wallets: 30%
Carrier billing: 15%
Bank transfers: 8%
Other: 3%

3. More people than you think abandon your checkout flow due to its length

70% of people end up abandoning an online transaction that they already started. Complicated checkouts are one of the top 3 reasons for it.

Reasons why online shoppers abandon their shopping cart:
Extra costs (e.g. shipping) too high: 50%
The site asked for account creation: 28%
Long or complicated checkout flow: 21%

4. Users expect access to alternative payment methods

People won’t go and get a credit card simply to pay for your service. They will however start using alternative payment methods if you add them.

Badoo (world’s largest dating network) impact on revenue after launching carrier billing

5. Users expect access to modern payment solutions.

You may have heard about carrier billing in the past: Premium SMS payments, right?

Today’s market is different:
Premium SMS payouts: 55%
Standard app store payouts: 70%
Modern DCB payouts: 75%

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