2 JUL 2015

5 tips on promoting carrier billing to your users

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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If you add carrier billing to your online service, how will users find out about it? They have not paid previously to you so what would motivate them to attempt to purchase something?

In order to maximize revenue with carrier billing, users need to become aware of the payment method first.

Here are five ideas you can use for a marketing campaign, regardless of whether you have just launched carrier billing or have been supporting it for a while.

Update your website: Add information about carrier billing, benefits of using this payment method, support information and a FAQ to your homepage; create a custom landing page for carrier billing which informs and promotes the new payment method to your users.

Run an e-mail campaign: Send an e-mail blast to your users to let them know about the new payment method and direct them to your carrier billing landing page for details on how to start making purchases.

Display a push notification to your users: Add a custom notification bar to the top of your website or inside your mobile app to let users know that they can now pay with carrier billing.

Run a social media promotion: Promote carrier billing on your service’s social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, Qzone, Sina Weibo etc.) and let users know about carrier billing. Motivate them to share the information with others by giving out prizes, such as free limited time access to your service.

Run a discount promotion for carrier billing: Motivate users to try out carrier billing by running a special promotion. For example, you can give out free game credits to people who pay with their phone.

While carrier billing helps you capture revenue from users who cannot pay with other payment methods, cannibalization should be avoided as well. That is, users who are already paying with other payment methods should be excluded from the marketing plan. It makes sense to target your campaign towards specific sub-segments of your audience:

  • Geographical targeting: users in Latin America, CEE, MENA, Africa & Asia likely do not have access to credit cards and carrier billing can be the only way for them to pay online
  • Behavioral targeting: users who have not made payments before are likely to not have access to online payments but might be willing to pay using their mobile phone
  • Demographic targeting: people below 35 years of age are less likely to have access to credit cards and carrier billing can be the only way for them to pay online
  • Revenue based targeting: check out our
    carrier billing ARPPU map and run a campaign in markets where user spending is the biggest

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