18 JUN 2013

Android SDK Update: Corona & Marmalade support, Offline Payments And More!


Jaana Metsamaa

Product Manager, Fortumo

image for Android SDK Update: Corona & Marmalade support, Offline Payments And More!

Fortumo recently launched a new version of the Android in-app purchasing SDK.
The updated billing library includes important changes which make provide a faster payment experience for end-users and more flexible integration
to developers. The most important changes to the library are:

  • Offline payments: End-users can make payments even when their data connection is turned off.
    Only the first payment needs to be done when connected to a network, during which payment information is downloaded.
    In addition, changes to the existing code have made the payment flow significantly faster.

  • Upgraded channel tracking: Payments can now be more easily tracked to specific Android app stores.
    This means that when you are doing additional distribution through Fortumo for your app,
    you can see which stores are working the best and focus on these. Currently ten of the largest Android app stores are
    tracked and we will be adding more in the future.

  • Service-generic library: Previously, developers had to download a separate .jar-file for each service which they created with Fortumo.
    This is no longer the case as the new .jar works irrespective of the service, which means you now need to download the library
    just once and it works for all of your apps which use Fortumo in-app payments.

In order to update your app with the newest Fortumo billing library,
simply go to your Fortumo Dashboard and download the library from the Setup tab of your service.
If you do not have a Fortumo account yet, click here to get started.
Full documentation of the Android in-app payments SDK can be found in our Developer’s Portal
and notes about previous updates can be read in our previous blog posts.

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