White paper: bundling and co-marketing with TV providers

White paper: bundling and co-marketing with TV providers

Fortumo's latest white paper looks at how digital service companies can work together with cable & satellite TV providers on bundling their services. The goal of such partnerships is to achieve user and revenue growth while creating loyalty among customers of both companies.

TV providers have similar capabilities in user acquisition to telcos and they also have established a billing relationship with their audience. In many cases, telecommunications companies provide subscribers with mobile services, television as well as a broadband connection which means the bundling effect can be multiplied across multiple channels.

In this white paper, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Who are the biggest TV companies to seek out bundle partnerships with?
  • What models of partnership can be leveraged with TV companies?
  • How does the bundling experience look like from the consumer perspective?
  • How can Fortumo support your bundle launches through our Trident bundling platform?

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