Carrier billing in Central & Eastern Europe: market report by Fortumo

Carrier billing in Central & Eastern Europe: market report by Fortumo

This market report gives an overview of the mobile landscape in the largest countries of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE): Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Serbia.

CEE has an advanced digital economy with smartphone ownership being above 60%. Major merchants including Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix and Riot Games have teamed up with mobile operators in order to use carrier billing and telco promotional channels for growth.

Carrier billing and telco bundling is popular in the region as traditional payment and marketing channels do not work well. For example, less than 25% of people across the region have access to credit cards for online payments.

This makes carrier billing an excellent alternative for revenue growth in CEE, also illustrated by the fact that it has become the 2nd most popular payment method for digital gaming here. Carrier billing accounts for 21% of all gaming transactions, while bank cards hold an 18% market share and e-Wallets stand at 35%.

Our CEE market report aims to help merchants understand the users of the region better: how they go online, how much they are willing to spend and how to localize pricing and marketing in order to grow their presence in the region.

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