27 NOV 2018

Case study: Carrier billing for gaming industry

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Andrea Boetti

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Fortumo

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It’s an exciting time for the gaming industry. In 2018 it reached a tipping point with more than half of the total revenue coming from mobile games. This special report by Fortumo gives an overview of implementing carrier billing in the context of gaming content. Carrier billing is one of the most widely available online payment methods as the consumer only needs a mobile phone and a SIM card in order to make online payments. The purchases are either added to the user’s monthly phone bill or deducted from their prepaid balance. Carrier billing is becoming increasingly popular as traditional payment methods (bank cards) are not widely available in emerging markets. It is estimated that carrier billing transaction volumes will reach $9 billion by 2022.

In this report, we give an overview of how carrier billing fits into the existing monetization strategy of gaming content. We profile the markets with the biggest potential for carrier billing, also highlighting end-user spending trends for each market. Finally, the report explains how mobile operators – often the biggest consumer-facing digital companies in their country – can help gaming merchants increase user acquisition and revenue through marketing support, once a gaming merchant has decided to implement carrier billing.

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