12 AUG 2021

Carrier billing in 2021: Western Europe

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This report gives an overview of the direct carrier billing landscape in Western Europe: Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Switzerland & Ireland. 

For data on Spain & Portugal make sure to read through our Latin America & Iberia report and for Central & Eastern Europe, download the CEE report.

The Western European market report is based on combined data from the Boku & Fortumo carrier billing platforms which connect merchants with 42 telcos and 292 million consumers in these markets.

For digital content payments in the region, direct carrier billing has a market share of approximately 14%. This makes it the 3rd most popular payment method for digital content purchases after credit cards and mobile wallets. 

Despite high bank account and credit card ownership in the region, consumers prefer to pay through carrier billing thanks to its simplicity (payments are completed in a few clicks, leading to the most user-friendly checkout UX) and security (no personal data needs to be shared during the checkout process).

For each country, you will find the following data in the report:

  • Demographics: average population, median age, income
  • Telecommunications: phone ownership, data speeds, GSMA’s mobile connectivity rankings, telco profiles
  • Payment infrastructure data: bank account access, credit and debit card ownership 
  • Carrier billing data: median revenue per user, spend distribution by transaction values, user distribution by monthly spend, popularity of carrier billing as a payment method

The data is aggregated across more than 500 merchants using the Boku and Fortumo platforms, giving a broad overview into consumer behavior with carrier billing: 

  • How much are consumers spending using carrier billing?
  • What pricing do other digital content merchants use with carrier billing?
  • How does the distribution of transactions look like?

As a result, this report should be useful to any digital content merchant in assessing how to adjust user acquisition and pricing strategies for Western Europe.

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