Carrier billing in Asia: market report by Fortumo

Carrier billing in Asia: market report by Fortumo

Fortumo's latest market report gives an overview of carrier billing in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

There are now 1.7 billion smartphones in the Asia Pacific region, compared to 500 million in Western Europe and the United States combined.

However, most digital merchants have little knowledge about these markets which means their main focus is still on the saturated (few users entering the market) and expensive (from a user acquisition perspective) Western countries.

But with companies like Google, Spotify and Netflix putting increasing focus on these regions, other merchants who want to stay competitive need to do so as well.

This market report aims to give merchants a better understanding of the Asian markets:

  • What does the local mobile landscape look like?
  • How to localize pricing to match user income?
  • Which payment methods to select in order to increase the amount of paying users?
  • How big are user acquisition costs compared to Western countries?

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