Carrier billing in Asia: free market report by Fortumo

Carrier billing in Asia - free market report by Fortumo

Asia has grown to be the dominant mobile region of the world. According to the recent Internet Trends Report 2015, Asia leads in new internet connections and smartphones (slide 10), the majority of e-commerce spend comes from Alibaba & Taobao (slide 121), Xiaomi has become the biggest smartphone manufacturer (slide 161) and India has potential to grow into the third internet superpower (slide 165).

But monetization in the region remains problematic as credit card ownership is low while access to internet grows rapidly. This creates a challenge for merchants who have a large user base in the region as those users are unable to make payments. Carrier billing solves this challenge by enabling payments for any phone owner, regardless of whether they have a bank account or not.

That's why we're happy to share our Asia market report, covering India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The report paper gives a high-level overview of the biggest markets in the region as well as insights on the carrier billing landscape, user spending behaviour, device preferences and localization.

The payment data presented in this market report is based on web payments made through Fortumo’s cross-platform payment solution which works on desktop and mobile devices (feature phones, tablets and smartphones).

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