28 OCT 2020

Carrier billing market report: Middle East & North Africa

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Martin Lips

VP of Business Development

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Carrier billing gives the opportunity to pay for digital services to the 82% of people around the world who don’t have a credit card. 

This market report takes a look at the carrier billing landscape in the Middle Eastern & North African region (MENA): Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Kuwait.

In the report, we have profiled the digital payment ecosystem and demographics of each country.

We have also included internal payments data from Fortumo’s carrier billing platform to better help merchants understand user spending behavior, telco billing trends and localization strategies for the region.

The following data is presented in the report for each country:

  • Demographics: average population, median age, income
  • Telecommunications data: (smart)phone ownership, mobile data speeds, GSMA’s mobile connectivity rank, telco profiles
  • Payment infrastructure data: bank account access, credit and debit card ownership 
  • User acquisition data: Android CPI costs, device usage and language localization
  • Carrier billing data: median revenue per user, spend distribution by transaction values, user distribution by monthly spend, popularity of carrier billing as a payment method, spend limits

Data presented in the white paper has been taken from public sources of information and aggregated data from payments processed by merchants using Fortumo’s Unified SDK, Web SDK and Payments API products.

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