3 DEC 2020

Carrier billing market report: the Nordics

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Martin Lips

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When all other aspects of two competing digital services are equal, the one with better user experience comes out on top. Convenience matters, and is also the primary reason why people in the Nordics use carrier billing. 

In this market report, we take a look at the carrier billing landscape in the region: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

In emerging markets, carrier billing is primarily used to enable payments to people without access to credit cards. In Nordics, the use-case is different. Most people have a credit card, but credit cards are as complicated to use as elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile, carrier billing provides a much simpler checkout experience.

Scandinavians are pretty convenient people, as Nordics is the region where carrier billing has seen the widest adoption, beyond the traditional segments of app stores, streaming, gaming and social networks

Here, carrier billing is also used for transportation services (public transportation ticketing, ride sharing and parking) and also in digital publishing (interestingly, Nordics also has the highest subscription penetration for digital news).

If you’re interested in launching carrier billing to increase your payment conversion and revenue in the Nordics, then this report is for you. We have profiled the digital payment ecosystem, demographics and our internal payments data to give you a high-level overview of carrier billing in each country:

  • Demographics: average population, median age, income
  • Telecommunications data: (smart)phone ownership, mobile data speeds, GSMA’s mobile connectivity rank, telco profiles
  • Payment infrastructure data: bank account access, credit and debit card ownership 
  • Carrier billing data: median revenue per user, spend distribution by transaction values, user distribution by monthly spend, popularity of carrier billing as a payment method, spend limits

Data presented in the white paper has been gathered from public sources of information and aggregated data from payments processed by merchants using Fortumo’s Unified SDK, Web SDK and Payments API products.

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