White paper: Carrier bundling for user acquisition and marketing

Carrier bundling: leveraging mobile operators for user acquisition and marketing

Emerging markets have grown to dominate the mobile ecosystem. There are now 1.7 billion smartphones in the Asia Pacific region, compared to 500 million in Western Europe and the United States combined.

How to reach this user base that is more difficult to acquire, monetize and retain? One option is through bundle partnerships with mobile operators: using the existing subscriber relationship that telcos already have with consumers to bring new users on board.

In this white paper, we give an overview to digital content merchants on bundling, covering the following aspects:

  • Why do users in emerging markets matter for digital merchants?
  • Why is user acquisition difficult in these markets?
  • How does bundling with mobile operators help overcome the challenge?
  • How are other digital companies bundling with mobile operators?
  • How can Fortumo help accelerate bundle partnerships and user growth?

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