12 AUG 2020

Case study: digital games marketplace Kinguin & carrier billing

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Martin Lips

VP of Business Development

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This case study takes a look at how the digital games marketplace Kinguin uses carrier billing to acquire new users and collect payments using the simplest online payment method.

Kinguin’s customers are gamers, primarily a younger audience with lacking access to credit cards. The problem was visible in their payment performance: while a lot of users were browsing for items, payment conversion was low.

Kinguin decided to try out carrier billing: allowing people to pay for games bought on the marketplace by charging purchases to their mobile phone bill. Kinguin chose to partner with Fortumo, who already has the mobile operator integrations in place (280 telcos, 80 countries).

Since launching in June 2017, Kinguin’s revenue through carrier billing has consistently grown, with no negative impact on the performance of other payment methods.

Want to learn more about how Kinguin uses Fortumo’s platform to increase payments revenue? Enter your contact details and download the case study below.

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