Compare your ARPPU in emerging markets with carrier billing!

How much money is your app making in Jordan and Malaysia? For developers using Fortumo carrier billing, the average revenue per paying user on mobile platforms in these countries is $8.8 and $10.34 respectively. In fact, these are some of the biggest countries for mobile payments due to low credit card penetration. But what about other markets?

We’ve put together an interactive map of carrier billing ARPPU where you can compare your revenue to data based on millions of transactions that are processed through Fortumo each month in 90+ countries.


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However, the map doesn’t tell the full story. While some countries like India, Poland and Brazil have relatively average revenue per paying user, the lack of access to online payment methods makes carrier billing very popular in these markets. So while ARPU is low, transaction volumes are high and make up for the low user spending.

We’ll be updating the map at the beginning of each month so you can get up-to-date information on how Fortumo mobile payments are performing around the world.