Direct carrier billing in 2017: global market report by Fortumo

Carrier billing in the Central & Southern Africa: market report by Fortumo

This market report takes a look back at 2017 and profiles carrier billing in the fastest growing countries of Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Western Europe and Central & Eastern Europe. For a look back on 2017 and what happened in e-commerce, digital content and gaming categories, please check out our monthly news recaps.

As the number of smartphones users continues to grow, traditional payment methods are lagging behind. In emerging markets, debit and credit cards are often available only to a fraction of mobile users.

For merchants selling digital and physical goods online, this means the need to adapt and implement new payment methods that help reach these unbanked users. Carrier billing is strongly positioned here due to its unprecedented reach, giving any mobile device owner access to online payments.

During 2017, carrier billing was among the leading payment methods for digital gaming. As the industry continues to evolve, a growing amount of merchants (including app stores and streaming services) continue rolling out the payment method for their services.

Combined with telcos upgrading their payment technologies to higher quality as well as more flexible commercial terms, carrier billing provides merchants with a way to acquire, monetize and retain more users.

This report aims to give merchants looking into the payment method an understanding of markets with significant potential for carrier billing, as well as insights on user demographics and payment behaviour across the world.

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