Direct carrier billing in 2018: global market report by Fortumo

Carrier billing in the Nordics: 2018 market report by Fortumo

This report profiles the performance of direct carrier billing globally during 2018. We have summarized the growth of direct carrier billing in Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America, while also bringing out the fastest growing countries in each of the regions.

The aggregated carrier billing data presented in this report is based on merchants using Fortumo’s Web SDK, Hosted DCB and Payments API payment products.

2018 was the year of regulations for the digital ecosystem. Both PSD2 and GDPR became active in the European Union, with other countries and regions of the world looking to implement similar rules.

For merchants using carrier billing, this was a positive change as carrier billing is the payment method which requires the least amount of consumer data for processing transactions, while providing simplicity for consumers.

Looking ahead, we see carrier billing continue to grow. Existing segments (gaming, social networks, streaming and app stores) continue to roll out new telco partnerships. At the same time, the improvement of commercial and technical capabilities of telcos enable carrier billing to be used also by segments including transportation, ticketing, marketplaces and financial services.

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