12 NOV 2020

Do the math: how much would your revenue increase with carrier billing?

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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What would happen if you launched carrier billing for your digital service? How much extra revenue would your company earn? Predicting the future is a tricky topic, but we now have a simple tool available that provides you with a guesstimate.

The carrier billing revenue calculator asks you three things. Your payment setup (what payment methods you currently use). Your target market. And the number of users currently making payments on a monthly basis.

We combine that information with data from our side:

  • The market share of your current payment methods and carrier billing for digital gaming from that country. SuperData tracks this for digital gaming transactions, the highest volume segment for digital content spending
  • Internal Fortumo data on monthly carrier billing ARPPU: the monthly average revenue per paying user. This will be different between your service and those of merchants live on our platform, but does indicate spending capabilities of carrier billing users

Based on that, the calculator gives you information on:

  • Reach of current payment setup, i.e. how many people prefer those payment methods
  • Reach of carrier billing, i.e. how many people would prefer to pay with carrier billing
  • The total additional monthly revenue you would gain from carrier billing users

We don’t recommend to use the calculator for any serious business forecasts. But it does provide a helpful way to see countries would see the biggest uplift from launching new payment methods. Try it out.

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