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Fortumo Mobile Payments Direct Carrier Billing White Paper

Carrier billing accounted for approximately 5% of the global digital content spend in 2013 (sources: Business Insider & IHS. The potential for carrier billing is tremendously bigger. Imagine a situation where every phone owner in the world who doesn’t have a credit card would instead use their phone bill to make payments.

Right now there are approximately 2.7 billion people like this globally. What would then happen if a company like Uber would start accepting carrier billing in parallel with credit cards? While carrier billing is currently under-utilized as a payment method, it could grow to a $1 trillion business in the near future.

Carrier billing provides a very real alternative to credit cards in emerging markets as issues preventing spread of credit cards (identity and reputation management, debt enforcement, informal economy) are entrenched and not getting solved anytime soon. Mobile operators have the chance to seize this opportunity and turn carrier billing into the de-facto payment method for online payments in emerging markets.

This is why we are today excited to announce our white paper sharing the vision that Fortumo has for direct carrier billing. In the white paper we share our thoughts on:

  • how carrier billing can grow to a $1 trillion business
  • how direct carrier billing will play a key role in this growth
  • why improved payouts to merchants increase carrier revenue
  • which technical features are a necessity for direct carrier billing

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