Fortumo Empowers Windows Phone Developers with $5,000 for User Acquisition

Fortumo Mobile Payments Windows Phone Growth Chart

Great news for Windows Phone developers! After helping more than 300 developers get started in the Windows ecosystem we have decided to launch a new developer program to help you boost your in-app purchasing revenue and help you get more users for your apps.

Carrier billing on Windows Phone has proven to bring a significant uplift in transactions and revenue since Windows Phone has primarily the biggest footprint in emerging markets like Central & Eastern Europe and Asia where credit card penetration is sometimes below 15%. Carrier billing with Fortumo is designed to complement Microsoft’s own payment solution. For Windows Phone Store, Fortumo provides mobile payments in 81 countries and over 300 mobile networks.

But in order to get your revenue growing every developer who currently earns at least $2000 from in-app revenue monthly will get $5,000 to spend on the AdDuplex advertising network after they have added Fortumo to their Windows Phone app.

It’s great to learn from other people’s mistakes, but even better is to learn from their achievements to copy that. The hugely successful Chinese app developer Boyaa decided to share their story and how they increased their revenue by 40% after adding Fortumo carrier billing. Check out the  case study and share it with your friends!

If you’re interested in expanding your payment coverage through carrier billing, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you: