Fortumo for Windows 8

More often than not, Fortumo has been the first among competitors to embrace a new platform.

For example, in 2010, we were the first mobile payments company to start offering in-app purchasing for Android, which quickly became popular among developers looking to monetize users who don’t have credit cards. Last fall, we were the first with mobile operator billing for HTML5-enabled mobile web. And today, we’re excited to unveil the beta of Fortumo’s mobile payments for Windows 8.

Fortumo Mobile Payments for Windows 8

The new product enables developers to add mobile payments to any Windows 8 app, including those running on Windows RT and Microsoft Surface tablets. Fortumo payments for Windows 8:

  • works in almost 80 countries;
  • supports payments for single items, virtual currencies and non-consumable items;
  • has built-in volume discounts and all the other features that game and app developers on other platforms have grown used to;
  • is localized into 32 languages;
  • supports over 45 different currencies;
  • as seen from the screenshots, has Windows 8 Modern design, popularly known as Metro UI.

More info, live demo and sign-up instructions are available on Fortumo’s Windows 8 page.

Getting your app ready for Windows 8 and looking for monetization options? Drop us a line at and let’s have a chat!