Fortumo Goes to the Philippines: Direct Carrier Billing for 57 Million Subscribers of Smart

Where would you find a country in South-East Asia with 14 times more smartphones than credit cards and the biggest number of app downloads in the region? The correct answer is the Philippines. This country - made up of 7107 islands - is the latest addition to our direct carrier billing coverage thanks to a partnership with Smart Communications.

Over the past couple of months, South-East Asia has been a big focus for us as we have expanded to Indonesia and Singapore. The Philippines is another large country in a region with some of the highest average revenues per paying users (ARPPU) globally so we expect to see a jump in revenues for merchants who launch payments in the Philippines.

Filipinos are some of the most active consumers of mobile content (especially apps & games) in the region and there are already 40 million smartphone owners in the country. Meanwhile, there are less than 3 million credit cards in the country which makes operator billing the perfect solution to receive payments online.

In addition to providing a frictionless direct carrier billing solution, developers can also use our partnership to launch games in Smart’s GameX game store.

If you’re interested in expanding your payment coverage through carrier billing, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you:

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