Fortumo Heads to Finland for AppCampus


Next week, Fortumo is headed to Espoo for AppCampus, a joint venture between Microsoft and Aalto University to grow the Windows Phone ecosystem. Over the course of the two weeks, 20 teams from around the world building apps for Windows Phone will gather to Finland for AppCademy. During AppCademy, they will be making final preparations for launching their apps in Windows Phone Store.

Fortumo will be presenting and mentoring the teams on several different topics including localization, optimizing payments for emerging markets and organizing sales campaigns for mobile apps and games.

Since our Windows in-app payment SDK has been available to developers for almost two years, we have gathered a huge amount of data about carrier billing on Windows Phone and Windows 8 to help these developers launch apps that start making money from the first day on Windows Phone Store.

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See you in Finland next week!