5 JUL 2011

Fortumo In-App Purchasing For Android Now Available In 61 countries, Supports Direct Mobile Operator Billing

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

Fortumo, leading mobile payments provider for in-app purchasing in Europe, Asia and US has revamped it’s in-app payments SDK for Android. It now supports direct mobile operator billing and 22 local languages in 61 countries.

Direct mobile operator billing is becoming a viable alternative to Premium SMS in a number of countries in Western Europe, Asia and North America, offering better reliability and higher security as well as payouts for developers.

Fortumo’s in-app payments SDK supports direct billing where it’s available, automatically falling back to Premium SMS for operators where it’s not. Developers can enable both in one single integration.

Mobile operator billing has proven to be a strong alternative to credit cards, especially in emerging markets where credit-card use is not so widespread. Mobile billing, on the other hand, works for over 3 billion mobile users worldwide without a need to register or to have a credit card. It allows for seamless 1-click payment experience.

Fortumo’s new in-app purchasing SDK has the following key features:*Support for direct mobile operator billing and Premium SMS.

*1-click payments, no login or registration required.

*Built-in support for consumable and non-consumable single items as well as for virtual currencies.

*Lightweight, native Android look and feel, optimized for highest conversion.

*"Offline payments" when data connection is not present.

*Availablility in 61 countries, in 42 currencies and in 22 languages!
Fortumo works with several “top-tier” European game developers such as Rovio, creator of the Angry Birds. Fortumo’s SDK is designed to work in any app-store, including independent app-stores, manufacturer and mobile operator stores and preloads.

Fortumo In-App Purchasing SDK is available for all Android developers as a free download. Developers can download the library and integrate it with their app at

Fortumo has billing coverage in 61 countries and about 230 mobile operators. There are no startup fees, monthly fees or minimum volume commitments, making it convenient for both, small and large developers.

Fortumo Ltd, founded in 2007 in Estonia, & having offices in Europe (Tartu, Estonia) and US (Sunnyvale, California) has gained over 56 000 registered developers since 2007 and is profitable. Fortumo is available at

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