8 FEB 2018

Fortumo launches advanced analytics for its bundling platform

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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The mobile technology company Fortumo is today launching advanced analytics capability for its Bundling Platform. Telcos, digital merchants and TV companies connected to the platform can now track and benchmark the performance of bundling campaigns through Fortumo Insight.

"Bundle partnerships with telcos help digital content merchants grow their user base by giving promotional access to their service in exchange for marketing visibility. Data on consumer behaviour and partner channel performance has so far been fragmented and complex to track due to each bundle deal requiring a separate technical setup. We’re excited to provide our merchants with an advanced reporting solution that helps them better understand their results and prioritize user acquisition efforts accordingly," said Martin Koppel, CEO & Co-Founder at Fortumo.

Analytics for Fortumo’s Bundling Platform have become available for both merchants and telcos through Fortumo Insight. While this is the first time merchants get access to the reporting platform, telcos connected to Fortumo have been using the solution for several years in order to understand and improve their acquisition, monetization and retention activities. The launch of analytics for bundling allows users to track:

  • Addressable audiences that can be reached through each channel partner
  • Consumer bundle activation and deactivation metrics in real-time
  • Conversion of consumers from bundle offers to paying customers
  • Post-conversion retention and lifetime value of consumers
  • Telco marketing channels and incentives bringing in the most activations
  • Benchmarking of telcos for identification of best-performing partners
  • Activated bundle consumer identities and exporting
  • Bundle performance reporting, e.g. error rates and activation failure reasons

Fortumo offers digital merchants including Google, Spotify and Electronic Arts a comprehensive solution for customer lifecycle management. In addition to bundling, its platform includes the capability to collect payments from users through broadband and carrier billing, as well as customer communication (2FA, notifications and marketing) through SMS-based messaging. To service its merchants in a scalable manner, Fortumo has partnered with more than 350 mobile operators in 100+ countries across the world.

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