Fortumo Launches Direct Carrier Billing For 6 Million Swisscom Subscribers

Today we are switching on a direct carrier billing connection with Swisscom, the largest mobile operator in Switzerland. Switzerland has great potential to bring additional revenue to game and app developers as it is one of the countries with the highest spending on mobile services in the world - in Q1 2013, Swisscom’s reported average revenue per user was 30 euros per month.

Together with our earlier direct carrier billing connections to Telefónica, Telenor and all of the Chinese mobile operators, developers are now able to benefit from direct carrier billing in 40 countries globally.

While building out new operator connections, we keep two goals in mind: increasing the number of users who can use mobile payments and improving payments for existing users through newer technologies. While implementing direct carrier billing does not always expand user coverage, it does bring two additional benefits to developers:

  • Higher conversion: As direct carrier billing does not require Premium SMS messages (either hidden or visible) to be sent, the end-user needs to make less steps to complete a purchase. Due to this, less people abandon the payment process.
  • More flexibility: Direct carrier billing connections are enabled by operators with game and app developers in mind - this means it is often possible for one-time payments to have larger price points.

For developers who want to get the biggest revenue out of mobile payments, we recommend switching over to new direct carrier billing connections where they are available. To get started with direct carrier billing in Switzerland, visit your Fortumo Dashboard. If you are not signed up with Fortumo, click here to get started.