24 OCT 2013

Fortumo Launches ‘Expand’ Program for Chinese App Developers to Monetize Overseas Markets

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

Mobile payments company Fortumo is today launching a developer program which will act as a one stop shop for Chinese developers who want to expand their business outside of China. The Fortumo Expand program is free of charge for developers and provides them access to Fortumo payments in 80 countries, as well as localization, testing, distribution and promotion of their apps and games. Fortumo Expand will be implemented by Martti Mustila, former Head of Global Developer Programs at Nokia with 15 years of experience in community management.

“While helping top Western developers to monetize their users with mobile operator billing in China, we realized that it’s equally difficult for Chinese developers to achieve international success,” said Gewben Wu, Head of Fortumo Asia. “Due to a language barrier, differences in culture and business practices, it is often difficult for Chinese developers to find the right partners in the West. As we are the only Western mobile payment provider with local presence in China, our goal is to help local developers bridge this gap and expand their business in new markets,” added Wu.

In addition to providing a mobile payment solution that works in 80 countries through 300 mobile operators, Fortumo will help Chinese developers distribute their apps in twenty third party app stores and provide monthly market reports to emerging countries with the biggest revenue potential. Developers will also receive free localization and testing of their first app from Symbio and free advertising for their Windows Phone or Windows 8 app from AdDuplex.

Fortumo Expand is aimed at developers building apps and games for Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms. Chinese developers can enroll in the program

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