Fortumo Launches Indonesia: Operator Billing Booming in South-East Asia

Today we are launching mobile operator billing in Indonesia for 205 million phone owners using Telkomsel, XL Axiata, Indosat and Axis networks. These users will now be able to charge purchases from top app and online developers like Rovio (Angry Birds), Electronic Arts, Gameloft and Box TV to their mobile operator bill.

Enabling Indonesia follows our recent announcement on launching mobile operator billing in China (world's largest country by population) and India (world's second largest country by population). With Indonesia connected we have covered five of the biggest countries in the world and 75 smaller ones - one payment integration can now be used for billing 4.5 billion people in 80 countries.

Indonesia has three times more mobile phones than credit cards and mobile operator billing is already more popular than credit card billing for online payments. The Indonesian digital goods market is estimated to reach 244 million USD in 2013 while less than 10% of payments are made with credit cards. Indonesia has an estimated 57 million smartphone owners and this number has doubled since 2012.

In fact, mobile payments are not only growing in Indonesia but numerous other South-East Asian countries as well. An extremely low penetration of credit cards across the region combined with a young population and booming smartphone growth means that there is a huge number of users who want to consume online content and the only way for them to pay is with their mobile phone.

This has also reflected in spending with Fortumo - the average revenue per paying users is very high in the region. With our 1-click in-app billing solution for Android which has a conversion of ~38%, here’s how the monthly average revenue per paying user looks like in some of these countries:

  • Taiwan: 19.6 USD (415% year-over-year growth)
  • Malaysia: 13.2 USD (7% growth)
  • Thailand:  14.5 USD (75% growth)

By comparison, ARPPU for the United States in October 2013 was 6.9 USD, 11.2 USD for the United Kingdom and 10.6 USD for Germany. So there is definitely a strong revenue potential in these emerging markets for developers building mobile games and apps.

In the entire Asia Pacific region, Fortumo is now available for 2.3 billion phone owners in 10 countries - Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam.

We are also working on adding several new countries in the region during the upcoming months because Asia Pacific has become the largest region for revenue in digital gaming. During 2013, every third dollar spent on digital gaming globally will come from users within the circle on the map - totalling at 16.3 billion USD.

Want to get started with operator billing in Indonesia? Simply switch the country on from your Fortumo Dashboard . If you have not yet signed up for operator billing with Fortumo in 80 countries, click here to do so.