Fortumo Launches Operator Billing in Jordan

Today Fortumo is launching its next country in the Middle-East: operator billing is now available to 6 million mobile phone owners in Jordan. Our coverage in the country is 100% with all three mobile operators (Orange, Umniah and Zain) supported.

Jordan has one of the youngest populations in the world (median age 21.8 years) and already half of the phones in the country are smartphones. Due to this reason, we expect Jordan to bring a higher than average revenue to merchants switching on operator billing in the country.

The unbanked Middle-Eastern region as a whole is a great opportunity for online merchants. In January, the average revenue per paying user (web & Android combined) in Turkey was 10.7 USD, United Arab Emirates at 9.7 USD and Saudi Arabia at 8.4 USD. Users from the Middle-East spend more than 1 billion USD on digital gaming in 2013 and Jordanians were responsible for approximately 10% of this spending.

Due to low credit card penetration, alternative online payment solutions are very popular in Jordan. For example, the mobile operator Orange lets people pay their electricity bill using their phone and the e-commerce service Cashbasha allows online shoppers to order items from eBay to be paid for in cash.

Want to take your share from the growing smartphone market in Jordan? Head over to your Fortumo Dashboard and enable Jordan for your payment services. Don’t have an account with Fortumo yet? Click here to sign up.