24 JUL 2012

Fortumo Launches Subscription Payments For Digital Content

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

Fortumo, a mobile payments company best known as an in-app purchasing provider for top Android developers, launches subscription payments today. Recurring mobile operator billing enables online, app and game developers to monetize their users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis on any platform.

Fortumo’s subscription payments are first on market to support all key platforms — from online web and mobile web to HTML5 and in-app purchases.

Fortumo has already started rolling out the service with a number of games and dating sites. "Subscription payments deepen customer loyalty and have shown to increase developer revenue by at least 30%" says Rain Rannu, co-founder of Fortumo. "Recurring mobile operator billing has a potential to become a significant revenue driver for digital content merchants over the next few years."

Fortumo’s subscription payments are based on mobile operator billing. User activates payment with his mobile, after which a daily, weekly or monthly charge is added to his mobile operator bill without any additional action needed.

Key Advantages:*Cross Platform: Fortumo’s subscription payments are optimized for all key platforms, like web, mobile web, HTML5, Android, iOS (via browser), including tablet devices. One single integration for developers, providing the widest possible reach.

*Zero Clicks: automatically renewing payments enable the most seamless payment for digital content with no user input required after the initial activation.

*Mobile Operator Billing: strong alternative to credit cards, especially in emerging markets. Mobile billing works for over 4 billion mobile users worldwide without a need to register or have a credit card.
Fortumo has mobile operator billing connectivity to 250 mobile operators in 70 countries. It supports direct carrier billing where it’s available and automatically falls back to Premium SMS where it’s not. Subscription payments will initially be available in the US and key European markets, eventually rolling out to most of Fortumo’s countries.

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