Fortumo Merchants Portal: your one stop shop for carrier billing

Fortumo Merchants Portal - your one stop shop for carrier billing

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our revamped Merchants Portal, previously known as Fortumo’s Developers Portal. The new version of the portal includes existing information on the technical integration of Fortumo’s payment products. In addition, we have also added substantial new content on the commercial and operational aspects of carrier billing based on your feedback.

If you are a new merchant evaluating our payment products, we recommend you first start by looking through the updated list of frequently asked questions and the Getting Started page. This will answer most of the questions users have about Fortumo.

In addition to the improved FAQ, Fortumo’s Merchants Portal is now divided into six parts:

  • Getting started: a general overview of carrier billing, choosing the right payment product for your business and frequently asked questions about Fortumo
  • Integration documents: technical documentation on how to create payment services on Fortumo’s Dashboard and integrating our payment products into your mobile app or website
  • Testing payments: information about testing your payment services after you have successfully integrated them, to make sure everything works correctly before you launch payments for your customers
  • Compliance information: with carrier billing being regulated on a country and carrier basis, here we have gathered information on compliance rules which help speed up the approval process which precedes the launch of your services
  • Commercial terms: information about the payouts of carrier billing, as well as how to configure your Fortumo account to make sure we are able to make payouts to you once you start processing payments
  • Post-launch activities: information on how to provide your customers with great end-user support as well as guidance on growing your revenue with the help of payment analysis

We hope you like our new Merchants Portal. Let us know what you think of the new portal by using the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page.