Fortumo Reporting API: Smart Analytics For Boosting Your Revenue

An important part of our mobile payment solution is the Fortumo Dashboard. The Dashboard provides one place to create new payment services, see an overview of revenues and real-time reports on transactions.

Data from the Dashboard on which countries have the biggest number of users, how much these users are paying and when they are making purchases can be helpful when fine-tuning your app monetization strategy. To make it as easy as possible for you to access this data and integrate it with your business intelligence system, we have created the Fortumo Reporting API.

With the Reporting API you can request data for a given time period containing transactions per service, revenue in preferred currency, billed and failed payments. Data requested through the Reporting API is also available on the Dashboard, but the Reporting API lets you create an automatic workflow for managing it. Integrating mobile payment data with your own database or existing business intelligence solutions is made easier with the Reporting API as well.

Keeping an eye on how much money you are making and changing your monetization logic according to findings should be pretty self-evident. If you are not measuring your data, a good source for insights on how to get started is Eric Seufert’s blog on freemium app monetization.