15 AUG 2011

Fortumo Selects Payfone To Power Mobile Payments

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

Payfone, a leading mobile payment processing service, and Fortumo, a leading provider of mobile payments, today announced that Fortumo has selected Payfone to power the direct billing option for its in-app purchasing SDK. This direct billing mobile payment method offers better reliability and higher security as well as better payouts for developers. Through the partnership, Fortumo’s clients will be able to provide consumers with the ability to make safe and secure mobile payments in real-time from any device, such as PC, smartphone, tablet or Wi-Fi.

"We are excited to work with Payfone because of their deep integration with mobile operators’ billing systems," said Rain Rannu, co-founder of Fortumo. "This in turn will allow us to continue to provide the highest converting in-app purchasing with more payment options for our clients."

Payfone’s Mobile Commerce Service is directly integrated into the mobile operator’s network, which provides the ability to intelligently identify a consumer’s profile in the system and offers true payment authorization and authentication. Payfone’s Device DNA authenticates the consumer across a wide variety of parameters during the transaction, ensuring they get exactly what they paid for. By pairing the Device DNA to each transaction, Payfone is able determine if a transaction is from a lost or stolen mobile device or if the owner of the mobile account has changed. This translates into one of the most secure and frictionless user experiences, across any device.

Fortumo’s in-app purchasing SDK for Android is the preferred international monetization tool for some of the most popular mobile game and app developers. Payment is done in a single click with no login or registration required. Fortumo’s in-app purchasing library supports both direct mobile operator billing and premium SMS, automatically selecting the best option depending on country, operator and user. It comes with built-in support for consumable and non-consumable items and virtual currencies. Fortumo’s in-app purchasing SDK is available in 61 countries, 22 languages and 42 currencies for any developer for free at fortumo.com/products/android/

"We are pleased to be working with Fortumo to provide their clients with the most robust in-app mobile payments solution on the market," said Rodger Desai , chief executive officer, Payfone. "With this partnership, Payfone’s technology will be leveraged for some of the largest mobile payment implementations worldwide."

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