9 NOV 2021

Fortumon Anna: “I didn’t choose fintech, fintech chose me”

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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Want to know more about the people behind Fortumo (Fortumons)? In this interview, we talk with Anna who joined the team in March 2020.

Anna is the Product Owner for Fortumo’s payment products, managing how they get built in a way that would be best for our merchants and their users. 

Check out Anna’s view on Fortumo below and if you’re interested in joining the team, head over to our Careers Portal.

When and why did you decide to join Fortumo? 

Networking played a huge role in my Fortumo journey. Firstly, I met a friend who was working here and told me about the company, then together with my other friends we attended an event called “Morning Coffee: Product Management”. 

At that moment I just moved to Estonia to pursue my studies, wanted to switch from Project Management to Product Management and was learning everything possible about the new profession. 

The talk about product management workflows at Fortumo was very appealing and interesting. After the event, I had a strong wish to apply to the company. However, there were no open positions. I decided to try my chances and sent my CV to the HR. Voilà: in some months they contacted me and I got hired. 

The learning point for everyone here is not to be scared and still reach out to the companies that you like. Fortumo even has an open application. 

How would you describe Fortumo’s work culture? 

Every day I go to the office with excitement because of my smart and fun colleagues, cozy office, friendly atmosphere and of course office dogs. However, Fortumo culture is not only about fun and coziness, but about work and productivity but the first ones motivate and inspire you to do a great job.

In general, we are transparent and open, we provide feedback to each other and collaborate as a team a lot. It is important to acknowledge that all employees are trusted by management and that leads to the fact that you have enough freedom and independence in your day-to-day work, you can create new initiatives, and be innovative. 

Finally, we have freedom to work how we want, there’s a lot of flexibility as long as you stick to your commitments and goals. 

Do you feel your work is global? How?

Yes, I do global things. I am a Payment Product Owner which means that I am leading the roadmap of payment products that are used by millions of people all over the world. 

I need to take into consideration specifics of different markets, think globally, take into consideration regulations that are not present in Estonia and do much more. 

The goal is that our products could operate in different markets and provide an opportunity for consumers anywhere to get digital goods and services. 

Why have you picked fintech as a sector to work in?

I think I didn’t choose fintech, fintech chose me. How I found Fortumo was quite random and that’s exactly how I ended up in fintech. 

After working at Fortumo for 2 years, I’ve come to learn that fintech is a very complex field with a lot of complexities and challenges which makes work never boring. 

Working in fintech guarantees you grow to be a great problem-solver and helps push you forward as a great professional. 

What makes one team a successful one? 

In my opinion, a successful team should have 3 important components: a leader who guides and trusts team members; team members who are diligent, transparent, flexible and have strong communication skills; a work culture that sets clear boundaries for the first two in collaboration and engagement.

At Fortumo we have all 3 components and that’s why team work here is excellent. 

How has your experience working in Estonia differed from working abroad? How have the experiences been similar? 

Before Estonia I worked in Ukraine, had an internship in the US and worked remotely for an Australian company with offices in Europe and the US. 

Estonian work culture promotes work-life balance which is a perk. All my colleagues have hobbies and lives outside of work. 

Another perk that I find useful is study leaves for employees who also study at the universities. Study leaves are vacation days provided by the government to pursue your education. They do not eliminate normal vacation days. 

Tell us your craziest or funniest Fortumo story so far?

At Fortumo I’ve learned not only new work-related things but also new hobbies. We have so many interesting clubs such as disc golf club, poker club, pool club, sports club, movie night club, daily plank club etc. 

Usually from May until September the Slack channel for disc golf is full of life and everyone posting their disc golf score cards.

Between October and March when the weather gets bad, we stay indoors: expand our pool skills, watch a lot of movies and work on our core muscles by planking in preparation for the summer. All these help to be more connected with colleagues.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, check out our open positions.

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