13 JAN 2022

Fortumon Helina: “Each day is diverse and comes with new challenges”

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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Who are the people building Fortumo (Fortumons)? Today we take a look at behind the curtains of customer success with Helina, who’s been with the team since September 2020.

Helina is a Customer Relationship Manager in the Customer Relations team, taking care of everyday needs of merchants, payment partners and end-users. Beside solving daily issues, the team Helina works on deals with merchant approvals & compliance, payout processes and fraud monitoring.

Check out her view of the company below and if you’re interested in joining us, take a look at the open positions in our Careers Portal.

When and why did you decide to join Fortumo? How would you describe Fortumos work culture? 

In August 2020 I moved back to Estonia after taking some time off to discover Spain for a year. I was in dire need of a job to pay for luxuries such as rent and food, so I sent out my CV to a bunch of different companies in Tartu without really diving into the details too much.

A friend of mine was asking me how my job search was going and when I told her that I have sent my CV to here, there and to Fortumo. She suddenly got very excited because her boyfriend had just accepted an offer from Fortumo. His enthusiasm based on the hiring process and first weeks there really grew on me and less than a month later, I joined Fortumo as well. 

Boy am I glad, because since day 1, Fortumo has really delivered on the promises on the culture and work environment. We are one team, we care, we challenge to change, go the extra mile and are transparent with each other. These are not just flashy slogans but something people follow daily. 

Tell us what do you like the most about your role? 

The Customer Relations team is responsible for a variety of different areas which has given me a chance to define my own role and take on different tasks like daily traffic monitoring, handling fraud and processes related to keeping up the good quality of our support.

Other team members deal with areas such as handling our monthly payout processes to our merchants, approving services, taking care of a portfolio of VIP merchants, making sure that tools such as our Customer Support Portal are up to date etc. 

Our team is also a gateway to many other people joining Fortumo as they go through a 2-week onboarding process with our team. Last year, 14 Fortumons came through our “academy”, learning the way we do things and the main issues we face daily. It’s a very satisfying experience and from the feedback we’ve received, also a very necessary one. 

Being involved in different areas within the team and having a variety of tasks to tackle daily, each day is diverse and I never know coming to work what challenges I will be facing. This means no routine and no chance of getting bored. 

Why have you picked fintech as the sector to work in?

In my case, I stumbled into fintech accidentally but the decision to stay was for a bunch of different reasons. Fintech is an ever-changing and evolving business that always keeps you on your toes and learning new things daily. Another alluring factor is the global nature, working with people from different cultures is something that I’ve always enjoyed. 

How would you describe your team – what makes them unique?

Each team member comes with their own unique background, strengths, skills and viewpoints which makes for an interesting and challenging work environment. We like spending time together and try to fit in a team event as often as possible.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention that we also have one of the best office dog ratios in the whole company, for 6 team members we have 3 office dogs which means that we frequently have cute dogs running around in our room.

And on top of that, we have a wonderful team lead who is equally good at joking around, openly talking about negative topics, giving good advice and supporting you through anything. 

How has your experience working in Fortumo differed from working in other companies? How have the experiences been similar? 

As a philologist with a background in hospitality, it’s a rather small pool of similarities. One thing that comes to mind is that wherever I go, there are amazing people working towards the same goals. 

What really stands out to me about Fortumo is the no-bureaucracy attitude, we’d rather spend our time on more important things. 

Tell us your craziest or funniest Fortumo story so far?

I have had so many fun experiences working in Fortumo. We’ve had end-users showing up at the office. My thief-of-a-dog has stolen a bunch of things which resulted in a pile of stolen items under my desk. My rather strong cocktails at team events have become the talk of the town. But one of the biggest highlights is from my first months in Fortumo. 

We are lucky enough to have some awesome four-legged furry colleagues in addition to a really cool bunch of humans. Being the crazy dog lady that I am, I am often seen running around with them in the office or playing with them in the chill area. I was playing with the fourth different dog in a span of two weeks when a coworker came to me a bit confused and worried “Helina, how many dogs do you have?”. The answer was 0 but I have levelled up since then.

Looking for a new challenge? Check out open positions at Fortumo.

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