23 NOV 2021

Fortumon Kertu: “Accessibility, responsibility & no bureaucracy”

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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Who are the people building Fortumo (Fortumons)? Today we hear an inside perspective on the company, the onboarding process and the team from Kertu

Kertu works as a Connectivity Project Manager. In her role, she works on connecting new mobile operators and mobile wallets to Fortumo’s payments platform. 

Read more below and if you’re interested in joining the team, take a look at the open positions in our Careers Portal.

Why did you choose to work in Fortumo?

I decided to start working in Fortumo due to different criteria that I had set while starting to look for a new job in Tartu. I was looking for a IT-company who would be related to working with telcos. I was looking for a company that would match my own personal values, a team with cool people and an opportunity for constant growth without bureaucracy.

After some googling, I found Fortumo. The more I checked Fortumo’s homepage, blog posts, social media channels, the more I felt that this company matched my criteria really well. And I was not wrong at all! 

After having my first interviews with my current team lead and Head of HR, I knew that Fortumo matches my criteria fully and beyond. I joined Fortumo in May 2021.

How would you describe Fortumo’s work culture to your friends?

Fortumons are people who enjoy working in a team. They are intelligent, caring and friendly. In my opinion the best part of Fortumo’s work culture is the opportunity to grow yourself. 

Basically you can learn and develop yourself as much as you want: you will always find colleagues who are eager to discuss work related problems or teach you something new. There is no limit to pitch an idea and agree on how to make it happen.

What did your onboarding process look like? 

My onboarding started from day 1, which means that I started right away with internal training sessions. I got the chance to work some time in other teams – Customer Support and Connectivity Operations.

I think it was a really good way to build the knowledge base for my position. It helped me to understand the basics of Fortumo and gave more insight about the mobile payments business.

Why have you picked fintech as a sector to work in?

I choose to join Fortumo due to my background in telecommunications. Before I was working as an RF engineer who tested radio units for telecom companies so that they would be able to offer good-quality networks for communication to their users.

Now, I am helping end users from a different perspective – working as Connectivity Integrations Project Manager my job is to run integration projects with telecommunication operators around the world and enable millions of users to enjoy different types of digital content. 

How is success measured in your team?

My team works with different types of integration projects. Based on that, I can say that we measure success in our team based on the number of launched projects. 

For us the most important goal is to successfully connect new or existing telcos into the Fortumo system and launch awesome merchants on these connections.

How has your experience working in Fortumo differed from working in other companies? How have the experiences been similar?

Accessibility, taking responsibility for your actions and saying no to bureaucracy. I think that these are the main things that I can bring up while comparing working in Fortumo with other companies.

  • Accessibility: by that I mean the good communication channels and availability to reach your colleagues any time. I enjoy that I can quickly go to my colleagues’ workplace and discuss issues or problems that I am facing.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions: we find a way to keep different teams synced and make things happen. For that each member in a team is taking their responsibility to finish their part in time while being transparent and always giving heads ups if any change is going to happen.
  • No to bureaucracy: we just do not waste our time for nonsense.

From a similarity point of view, I would say that team members with whom I have worked in different companies have always been intelligent, friendly and dedicated to work towards common team goals.

What is your craziest or funniest Fortumo story so far?

I have been in Fortumo for several months and my conscience is saying that the craziest and funniest stories is still going to happen. But here’s one that I remember this far.

In Fortumo we have many employees, who own cute and adorable dogs AKA office dogs. This means that employees who do not own a dog can enjoy playing and taking care of the dogs as well.

Once my colleague left his dog for me to take care of for approximately 1-hour. Right after my colleague left, I was alone with the dog… a small “smelly accident” happened. It was really funny – my first time to babysit a dog and this happened!

I cleaned it up, we continued to play with the dog and after some time another “smelly accident” happened. After that I was just laughing at myself. Great – I felt that I am a total failure while babysitting a dog. No problem, I cleaned everything once again and we were good to go to start playing.

To sum up, I am still in progress on learning how to take care of our office dogs, but the cuteness and the happiness that dogs bring to our office is all worth it. Cheers to our office dogs and many more funny episodes to happen. 🙂

Looking for a new challenge? Check out open positions at Fortumo.

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