Emerging Markets Payment Index: Q1 2018

Emerging Markets Payment Index: Q4 2017 update

Our latest report is intended to be used by digital media companies for benchmarking their revenue in markets with high smartphone growth and low credit card penetration.

The Emerging Markets Payment Index focuses on countries highlighted by GfK in its global forecast as the largest tech device growth markets. These countries are India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia and the Philippines.

These markets differ significantly from mature Western countries, where the current user base of most digital merchants is located. The main trends in the industry driven by these countries are:

  • Emerging regions drive new smartphone adoption, while sales in mature markets decline
  • Mobile data consumption in these regions is growing faster than in mature markets
  • Service quality on mobile needs to equal desktop, as emerging regions are mobile-only
  • merging markets have tipped web usage in favour of mobile devices

As a result, digital merchants who want to sustain their user base and revenue growth need to focus on these countries, but do so through a customized, localised approach to user acquisition, monetization and retention. The Emerging Markets Payment Index provides an overview data that merchants can use to account for of the individualities of these fastest growing mobile markets of the world.

The payment index aggregates data from all platforms (web, mobile web, feature phones, smartphones, smart TVs) and app stores connected to Fortumo’s carrier billing platform.