Free e-book: crash course into direct carrier billing

Free e-book - direct carrier billing crash course

The mobile audience is shifting into emerging markets. For digital content merchants, this presents a significant user monetization problem. Card-based payments penetration in these markets is extremely low, for example less than 20% of Indians have access to bank cards. This means merchants need to look at alternative payment methods to sustain revenue growth.

One of the payment methods that can be used to overcome this challenge is direct carrier billing. Unlike bank-based payments, direct carrier billing can be used by anyone who owns a mobile phone. The payment process for consumers is simple as they only need to enter their mobile phone number, after which the payment is deducted from their carrier’s account balance.

But for merchants who have not used direct carrier billing in the past, getting started with it can be sometimes confusing. A lot of questions can pop up. What’s the difference between direct carrier billing and other mobile payments? How does the technology behind carrier billing? Why are the processing fees different among mobile operators?

In order to help with these questions, we have put together a free e-book for digital content merchants. This e-book gives a simple, high-level overview of what direct carrier billing is and also provides practical steps on integrating it into your existing business model.

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