20 FEB 2019

FREE scammy bingo

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Don’t be the guy who can’t take a good deal. There’s probably a very sad millionaire out there who has been trying to give away her money to countless lost relatives around the world and no-one gives her money for bank transfers. Using our exclusive FREE 0-click scam bingo, you can spot a great deal from miles away.

In all seriousness though, if someone wants to cut you an amazing deal or give away expensive stuff for free, it’s probably a scam. If hunky young lads or lusty ladies are dying to chat you up, it’s probably also a scam (sorry). If you are offered anything valuable with zero effort – yet again, scam.

The battle against scammers seems never-ending. Australian telco Optus recently got a 10M dollar fine for misleading customers who unknowingly purchased or subscribed to content via the telco’s direct billing service. US Federal Communications Commission is also taking an iron fist policy on (mobile) phone cramming.

As a mobile payments company, we’ve seen – and turned down – all kinds of shady businesses. Sadly for companies offering these kinds of deals, 10+ years in the industry has made us pretty good lie detectors.

But since it’s better to be safe than sorry, take a look at this scam bingo. If you hit any of them, there’s a reason to be suspicious.

FREE scammy bingo

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