Free white paper: European carriers and the €26 billion online commerce opportunity

European Mobile Operators and Online Commerce - The €26 Billion Opportunity - White paper by Fortumo

Smart devices and mobile Internet usage has grown tremendously over the past few years. According to various reports, mobile Internet is now more often used than desktop Internet when accessing the online world.

The growing population of mobile shoppers has enticed e-commerce merchants to put more focus onto making their online stores mobile-friendly, an approach that Google most recently rewarded by changes to its search ranking algorithms to promote mobile-friendly results. One of the biggest e-commerce giants Alibaba is even testing a mobile-only approach for its merchants.

Yet the biggest challenge remains unresolved: payments. Conducting e-commerce from your mobile device (sometimes called m-commerce) still requires card-based payments as preferred by the desktop Internet, which force users to create an account, enter sensitive data and fill out long forms on a small screen screen. Even on tablets this is a hurdle.

As a result of merchants using card-based transactions for mobile e-commerce, the purchase conversion on mobile devices is a massive 50% lower compared to desktop devices. This is despite the powerful impulse desire of mobile - buy it now, when you think of it. In several large European markets like Spain, Italy and France conversion is lower still. This means for every 100 Europeans making a purchase on a website, only 30-40 are doing so on their mobile device.

Mobile operators are well placed to win the potential value and revenue from mobile e-commerce. They own the user accounts and the mobile billing infrastructure that solve mobile conversion. Leveraging those increases sales for merchants while simultaneously generating both additional revenue and subscriber value for operators.

We are excited to publish a white paper on e-commerce in Europe and how mobile operators can take advantage of their payment infrastructure to capture revenue from 76 million new e-commerce participants who could be spending an estimated €26 billion through carrier billing.

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