From ringtones to fintech & the sharing economy: join us at Merchant Risk Council

Join Fortumo at Merchant Payments Ecosystem!

When Fortumo launched in 2007, carrier billing was used for selling very simple content. Back then, gaming, ringtones, wallpapers and jokes consumed on feature phones made up the majority of digital content. 10 years later, and companies including Apple, PayPal and Taxify are using it to reach new paying audiences.

App stores, fintech, e-commerce and ride sharing companies have been able to implement carrier billing thanks to its significant evolution over time. The payment capability of most telcos today matches that of credit card payment solution providers. But myths about Premium SMS and low payouts are slow to die.

Next week, we’ll be tackling these myths at Merchant Risk Council. From May 14th to 16th, Europe’s leading payments experts will gather in Dublin and we are honoured to share with them our view on the evolution and future of carrier billing. We’ll be doing it on stage together with our good partner Badoo.

Why is carrier billing growing in importance to digital merchants? How to evaluate alternative payment methods? What additional value beyond payments can working with telcos give? Join our presentation at 11.45AM on May 15th to find out. If you wish to set up a meeting during the event, reach out to us directly.