17 OCT 2017

Globe case study: increasing carrier billing revenue with Fortumo

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Martin Koppel

CEO & Co-Founder, Fortumo

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Globe Telecom is the #1 mobile brand in the Philippines and is a full service telecommunications company providing connectivity to consumers and businesses from mobile, fixed, broadband, data and internet, to managed services. The company has over 59 million mobile customers.

This case study looks at how Globe has increased its revenue from its digital content through direct carrier billing in partnership with Fortumo – both by enabling server-to-server payments to merchants like Spotify, as well as enabling carrier billing through Fortumo’s turnkey products for Badoo, Viber, Game Insight and others.

For Globe, there are several benefits from working with direct carrier billing aggregators like Fortumo:

  1. Faster time to market with Tier 1 digital merchants
  2. Access to long-tail merchants with more flexible commercial requirements
  3. Time saved on operational activities such as merchant and end-user support
  4. Increased spend on other telecommunications services from DCB users

Read more about the results of the partnership and how it benefits Globe and merchants from the case study below!

Revenue calculator
Do the math: how much would your revenue increase with carrier billing?
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