21 JAN 2020

How can game developers increase revenue from their existing user base?

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Different countries perform differently for game developers. In some countries, the amount of paying users is smaller, even if the total user base is the same:

There are three possible reasons why an audience of the same size has fewer paying gamers in it:

  • Payment reach: people don’t have access to existing payment methods
  • Trust & identity: users are afraid of sharing personal data, and have fear of fraud
  • User experience: the checkout flow is too complex and they give up halfway through

Carrier billing can help overcome these challenges. Here’s how.

Payment reach

SuperDataResearch shows us the breakdown of digital gaming by payment method:

Do you only use traditional payment methods on the left side? Chances are, some people in your audience don’t have access to them.

Carrier billing helps reach the ones on the right. It’s available for any gamer, as long as they have access to a mobile device.

Trust & identity

Most payment methods ask users to log into accounts or share their personal data. Would you share your address, card security code or social security number with a complete stranger? Probably not.

Carrier billing does not ask for this information. All that the user needs is to know their phone number and have access to their device. Since physical access to the device is required, “card-not-present” fraud is also not possible.

User experience

Every form field added to a checkout flow reduces conversion rates. With credit cards, no matter how hard you optimize, there are always some form fields that users need to fill out.

Compare this to carrier billing:

In conclusion…

Game developers can grow their revenue by bringing in new users and converting them into paying customers. But don’t overlook your existing customer base.

See a clear difference in the paying user base across different countries? You can use alternative payment methods to convert these users instead.

If you want to learn more about how carrier billing helps, enter your contact details to download our white paper on carrier billing for gaming.

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