29 AUG 2019

How to create a pleasant payment experience for customers?

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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Any online payment method used by merchants needs to meet three criteria to be useful. It should be accessible to as many users as possible. It should be simple to use and need minimal effort from users. And it should be safe, so that consumers would not have to worry about their personal and financial data.

Direct carrier billing meets all these criteria. Any mobile device owner has access to carrier billing. Completing transactions takes less than 5 seconds. Last but not least, personal data is not collected during the checkout process.

Game developers have been using carrier billing for more than a decade. App stores and streaming services have done it for 5+ years. Slowly but steadily, new segments (transportation, publishing) have started adopting it as well.

Everybody in the gaming industry knows how carrier billing looks like and what are its benefits. In industries where the payment method is not in widespread use, the reaction to seeing how simple payments can be is often surprising. Below, we’ve painted the picture clear.

Purchasing in-game content

Paying for a streaming service

Paying for a digital newspaper subscription

Paying for parking

Is your current payment setup making users go through a more complicated checkout flow? Get in touch and we’ll help you optimize it.

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