How to customize your payments to increase carrier billing revenue?

Fortumo Cross-Platform Payments

Most merchants using Fortumo have customers buying content from a variety of platforms: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, feature phones, smart TV-s.

The easiest way to enable payments to users on all these devices in more than 80 countries is through our cross-platform payments solution (“widget”).

Fortumo’s widget automatically recognizes the device being used and optimizes the payment interface to provide the best purchase experience possible on that device. While the widget payment flow is fine-tuned by us for each country and platform, you can customize it even further. Here are the three most common and useful integration tweaks we get asked about:

How to provide better virtual currency exchange rates to premium customers?

If you’re using the widget to sell virtual currency the amount of currency a user receives is set in server settings on your Fortumo Dashboard.

However in some cases you might want to temporarily give a better exchange rate - if you’re running a sales campaign or have started acquiring users in a new country. In such cases it makes sense to encourage spending by giving them more value for their money. For cases like this you can override the exchange rate.

Do this by specifying the 'amount', 'price' and 'currency' parameters to define the new base exchange rate and calculate the 'sig' parameter with your secret key to confirm the override.

How to reduce the number of payment steps for better conversion?

Sometimes we are not able to detect the user phone number automatically and it has to be entered manually by the user - for example if the user is making a payment for the first time on a desktop computer.

However, if you already have the user’s phone number in your database (e.g. they’ve entered it while signing up with you for an account) you don’t need to ask it. Instead, you can skip this step and use the 'msisdn' parameter to prefill the value - this reduces the steps in the payment flow and increases conversion.

You can take advantage of the most up-to-date phone number validation regular expressions, available in an informational XML for each Fortumo service to validate the correctness of the phone numbers in your user profiles.

How to reuse Fortumo services for new products?

For selling several different products that have the same pricing you don't have to create a new service for each new product. Instead, 'product_name' (for single items), or 'credit_name' (for virtual currency) parameters can be used to change the product name displayed to a user.

If you want to see the full overview of how you can modify your Fortumo widget, head over to the Fortumo Developers Portal. You can play around with various widget configurations without having to modify live services: instead, you can use the Widget Integration Tool.

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