How to Overcome the Android AOSP Challenge?

The latest data from ABI Research shows an important trend about the dominating Android platform. Approximately 30% of Android phones shipped are not running Google’s official version of the Android operating system but a custom version built using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

AOSP versions of Android often do not have support for Google’s services - including Google Play. This means uploading your app only to Google Play will cause you to miss out on up to 30% of potential users - and even more in markets like China where alternative app stores dominate.

Unlike Google Play’s payment solution, our Android in-app payment SDK works on any Android device, even those running AOSP. We also help developers reach owners of such devices through our free app distribution service.

Another important thing to note from the data is that Windows Phone has doubled its market share in a year and is slowly but steadily becoming the third player in the mobile ecosystem - especially in emerging markets. If you have already ported your games to Windows Phone, we can help you with payments on this platform as well.

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