How to track unique customers and payments?

How to track unique customers and payments?

Today’s post draws attention to a simple yet useful feature of Fortumo’s Cross-Platform Mobile Payments product that makes life easier for merchants: tracking unique customers and their transactions.

Fortumo lets you do this type of tracking by providing the CUID (consumer unique identifier) and operation_reference (transaction identifier) parameters that can be included in each transaction.

Since you are most likely using other payment methods (such as credit cards or PayPal) for processing payments and already have similar parameters included in these transactions you simply need to add the same parameters to your payments done through carrier billing as well.

Using these parameters is useful for three reasons:

  • Troubleshooting transactions: should a payment fail and the user reaches out to you, it is easier to identify the payment. For example, you can use their account e-mail as the CUID and the e-mail they are writing you from is most likely the same address;

  • Refund requests: when a user requests a refund the same benefits as above apply, since you will be able to save time on requesting additional information about the user to process the refund;

  • Risk management: Most users have only one SIM card and account with you from which they make payments. With the combination of knowing their phone number, CUID and operation_reference, you can limit how many phone numbers each account can make payments from. For example, it would not make sense for one account to be subscribed to a streaming service several times, or for one gaming account to be buying items from several different phone numbers. Keep an eye out and limit such activity!

We will soon also be publishing a white paper focusing on other aspects of fraud management with carrier billing, beside the topic of limiting payments from accounts and phone numbers as well. But in the meanwhile, make sure to include the CUID and operation_reference parameters in your web payments.

If you have any questions or need help in adding the parameters, get in touch!