How to use cross-platform vouchers for user acquisition?

How to use cross-platform vouchers for user acquisition

Last month we announced a new feature for our cross-platform payments solution: license management. This solution allows you to collect payments using carrier billing while giving users access to your service through vouchers. Now carrier billing can also help you with user growth.

But first, why would you even need to give out several licenses for your digital service? The reason is people don't access content on just one device any more.​ Research suggests that 74.7% of people use several devices to access your service.

This has forced digital content providers to review their content delivery and monetization strategy. Users need to be able to pay for content once and consume it on any device they want. Otherwise they will switch to an alternative service provider that enables this experience. Late adopters are now also connecting to these services. This means children, parents and grandparents want to consume content together.

Digital merchants have found the solution in “family plans”. These plans enable to buy access to a service for several devices or people at once. This is the case in almost every digital segment: music streaming (Spotify, Apple, Deezer, Google Play Music, video streaming (Netflix and anti-virus merchants (McAfee, Bitdefender, ESET. Valve has even implemented it for gaming.

Before, enabling such plans was only possible with credit card providers. Our license management solution also makes it possible to add carrier billing to the mix. There is also no need for you to make any changes in your infrastructure as we take care of the licensing.

As stated in the headline of the post, licensing also allows digital merchants to increase their audience. This is due to the nature of vouchers handed out through carrier billing. With credit cards, users can only configure access to a service for existing accounts. With carrier billing, you can distribute vouchers to anyone. Even those who have not signed up for your service.

What does this mean? A paying user can also invite his friends to join your service that they enjoy and are paying for. For example, let’s say you are selling 12-month access to a music streaming service. With carrier billing vouchers, you can also give out 5 one-month trial vouchers to paying users. And what are the end-users going to do with these vouchers? As they already have access, they will give the vouchers to their friends.

Combining a friend’s recommendation with a free trial is one of the best ways to get new paying users. After all, these are the two aspects that most influence purchasing decisions today. Want to implement Fortumo’s licensing solution to generate more revenue and grow your audience? Reach out to us at