Infographic: carrier billing deployment tracker

How do you evaluate whether carrier billing has potential in a specific market? Like with any payment method, there are two main criteria which to base the decision on. First, how big is the revenue opportunity and what are the payouts? Second, what are the technical features of the payment method and are they suitable for the merchant?

The infographic we are publishing today aims to shed light on both questions. Fortumo works with over 350 different mobile operators in over 90 countries on one hand and with merchants like Google, Spotify and Electronic Arts on the other. This means we have quite a good understanding on the commercial and technical capabilities of carriers’ payment platforms as well as requirements of high-volume merchants who use those platforms.

Below, we have brought out the biggest markets in each region of the world and assigned them a grade based on commercials terms and technical quality. The grade is based on payouts, taxation and technical features provided by carriers in each market. We have also highlighted leading merchants from each digital content segment (app stores, streaming, social networking and gaming) who are live in those markets, which is a significant indicator to the quality of carrier billing in the country.

We will be updating the tracker on a quarterly basis, so make sure to keep an eye on our blog!

Click on the image below for a full version of the infographic.

Infographic: carrier billing deployment tracker