6 MAR 2019

Kinguin & Fortumo launch direct carrier billing in Sweden

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Mattias Liivak

Head of Marketing & PR, Fortumo

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The mobile technology company Fortumo and the digital gaming marketplace Kinguin are today launching direct carrier billing in Sweden. Gamers in Sweden can now purchase games from Kinguin and easily charge the payments to their mobile operator bill. This payment method is available to all subscribers of the mobile operators Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3.

“Customers love direct carrier billing because it’s easy and convenient. Now we are able to offer this new payment system for Telia, Tele2, Telenor, and 3 customers, through our partnership with Fortumo,” said Faheem Bakshi, Head of Payments for Kinguin. “We have partnered with Fortumo successfully on direct carrier billing in other regions, and we expect the same for the Swedish market.”

“Digital gaming now generates more than $100 billion in revenue annually and shows no signs of slowing down. Carrier billing helps companies in the gaming industry accelerate their growth by making payments available to anyone with access to a mobile device. Kinguin is one of the most innovative companies in the gaming marketplaces industry and we are excited to help them grow further in Sweden,” added Andrea Boetti, VP of Global Business Development at Fortumo.

Carrier billing allows any mobile device owner to charge payments to their monthly phone bill or deduct the payment from their prepaid SIM card. Instead of entering personal information about themselves and their bank card as with credit card payments, users can simply confirm each payment with a PIN code sent to their device. This means the payment solution offers a more convenient and safer checkout experience for consumers, while increasing conversion and revenue for digital merchants.

Thanks to its simplicity, carrier billing is one of the most popular payment methods for gaming in Sweden. According to SuperData Research, its share in digital gaming purchases in Sweden is 10% and in Western Europe, 13.6%. Additional data on carrier billing in Sweden and other countries in the Nordics can be found from Fortumo’s recent market report.

Kinguin used their existing integration with Fortumo’s Unified SDK payment product to launch carrier billing for consumers in Sweden. With Unified SDK, Kinguin did not need to spend any additional time on development on their side. Instead, Fortumo manages the compliance, localization of checkout flows and relations with mobile operators on behalf of all merchants using the solution.

In recent news from the region, Fortumo has announced partnerships with Sweden’s leading newspaper Aftonbladet and the mobile parking company EasyPark. With Kinguin, Fortumo has been working together since 2016.

In addition to Kinguin, Fortumo’s direct carrier billing platform is used by Google Play, Spotify, iflix, Sony, Schibsted, HOOQ, Gaana, EA Mobile, Gameloft and thousands of other merchants. One integration with the platform enables merchants to collect payments from subscribers of more than 350 mobile operators.

About Kinguin

Founded in 2013 Kinguin has fast become one of the largest alternative marketplaces to Steam, Origin, and Battle.net, with more than seven million loyal customers globally. Today, Kinguin’s mission is to create an ecosystem that allows gamers to enjoy the best gaming experiences affordably. Kinguin provides easy access to games at fair market prices, innovative ways for gamers experience high-end gaming and esports, new ways for developers to reach customers directly, and facilities for esports teams to level up their play. We do this all with the best customer support in the industry, and we have the awards to prove it. Visit https://www.kinguin.net to learn more.

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